Essential Elements

This module, the last in a series of four, describes core essential elements found within Young Scholars programs. Module participants learn to enrich their Young Scholars through intersession options and how to employ culturally responsive teaching into their daily practice.

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Upon completion of this course, participants will


  • Differentiation is a philosophy for teaching and learning in each Young Scholar school
  • The importance of ongoing professional development for teaching staff and administrators
  • Myriad ways to provide opportunities for young scholars e.g., after school clubs, summer school, lunch buddies etc.
  • The role of culturally responsive teaching in a school with students from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Ways to involve families in their child’s learning


  • Finding and nurturing young scholars is a complex problem with no single answer
  • Teachers must model the life long learner that they want their students to become
  • The importance of providing multiple opportunities to challenge and engage students at a higher level
  • Change takes time and commitment across the entire school
  • Families must be involved as partners in their child’s learning

Be able to:

  • Embrace differentiation as a way of thinking about children
  • Seek out and attend ongoing professional development opportunities
  • Employ culturally responsive teaching throughout the school
  • Share expertise and provide the three A’s — advocacy, affirmation, and access to advanced learning opportunities for any child who is capable of being successful