“Due to the coursework and feedback which was provided through Casenex in order to obtain my Gifted Education Endorsement, I have learned and implemented so many new strategies that have helped my gifted students become successful, happy, excited learners. I have had such an enriching learning opportunity whereby my administrators, my peers, my students, and their parents have noticed a wonderful difference within the learning environment in my classroom. I strongly encourage each teacher to take this coursework, even if they only work with one gifted student in their teaching career. It will make a huge difference in the educational experience of the student and teacher!”

Susan L. DuBois
2nd Grade Teacher
Britt David Magnet Academy

“The CaseNEX online learning environment is truly ahead of the curve. The content of CaseNEX courses is challenging and thought-provoking, and the online classroom community is perfect for learners who appreciate a flexible schedule. Earning my endorsement in Gifted Education through CaseNEX was one of the most positive and rewarding experiences I have had in sixteen years as an educator. The faculty and staff at CaseNEX are superb, and offer an unmatched level of support to their students. I highly recommend the CaseNEX experience.”

Danielle Bruno
Science Resource Teacher/Instructional Coach
Providence Elementary School

“I am so glad that I took this course. It has not been easy to juggle my ridiculous workload and travel with the assignments, but the experience has been most rewarding. I absolutely love the format entailing case studies, journal entries for personal reflection, and the ability to communicate with other educators from different regions. The course readings provided such a diversity of well-researched content. I am looking forward to starting the next course in a few weeks!”

CaseNEX Student

“I took a CaseNEX course last summer and was really surprised by the sense of community I felt in the course. Even though the class was online, I felt as though I really connected with the other teachers in the class and our instructor. I would often find myself looking for posts from certain people because even though I only recognized their names and had never met them, I felt as though I really agreed with things they had to say and knew that I would be able to respond to their comments. I’m glad that FCPS offers online classes because it is really easy to fit the course into your schedule and participate in the online discussions when it is convenient for you. “

Katherine V. Booth
Third Grade Teacher
Sunrise Valley Elementary

“Online learning works! It’s flexible for both student and instructors yet provides scope and sequence at a pace that maintains momentum, interest and participation. The CaseNEX teaching/learning model is ideal for teaching students real-world elements of successful problem-solving strategies. Students are challenged with content that is timely, specific and representative of the issues that face educators today. The CaseNEX model uses a five-step method that examines key issues, perspectives, knowledge known or needed, potential action steps and likely consequences or impact of decisions made. As a result students improve and fine-tune their skills in making judgments in solving real-life issues and problems.”

James C. Moulton, Jr., Ed.D.
Retired Director of Secondary Programs
Fairfax County Public Schools, VA

“Taking a course online has been a new experience for me. My apprehension was soon relieved once I became familiar with the CaseNEX syllabus and began navigating the site. The cases presented are challenging, informative and linked to many of the experiences I have encountered during my teaching career. Having the opportunity to dialogue with my classmates in the course has given me the chance to see the situations we are all reading about from so many different vantage points. The instructor responds in a timely fashion and makes comments pertinent to what I have written. Everything that has to be done with reference to the coursework is clearly defined and all materials are provided for you online. And the best part is that I have the freedom to do this on my own time. Last week I visited with my family out of town but was still able to do my course work and not miss a beat. What a pleasure! I look forward to taking my next course and feel sure it will be as pleasurable an experience.”

Goldie Lieberman
Reading/ Curriculum Specialist
Philadelphia School System, PA

“The 5-step method used in the CaseNEX online courses fosters a comprehensive approach to viewing all sides of an issue. I found this to be helpful both in practice and in theory. After reading, and discussing the cases you feel comfortable expressing your own opinion, and better informed by reading the opinions of your colleagues. Again the procedure allows for a better overall approach to any classroom problem or situation because it encourages you to view varying aspects and viewpoints before brainstorming a variety of approaches or strategies.”

Martha Bingaman
High school teacher
Baltimore County Public Schools, MD

“Being a CaseNex instructor has given me the opportunity to reflect on my own teaching back at my home school. The cases, readings and dialogue between the CaseNEX students has been a wonderful opportunity to remember why I became a teacher in the first place, to help children learn despite having disabilities or limits. The support from CaseNEX has been wonderful. I was able to receive a response to e-mails within minutes of clicking the send button.”

Mary Caramucci
Henrico County’s James River Juvenile Detention, VA

“It amazes me how technology has grown in such a short time span. I recall taking an online course and disliking it because of the informalities and technicalities it generated. CaseNEX and OCPS allows us to change that mold. They have created an interface that is user friendly and OCPS has created a medium for administrators to communicate without having to travel. I look forward to the upcoming weeks and future courses.”

Karyn Allee Scarcella
Instructional Resource Teacher
Orange County Public Schools, FL

“I love case-method learning! I have taken several CaseNEX courses and I would recommend them to any professional who wants a quality educational experience, yet has time constraints that make trudging off to a class impossible.”

Pamela M. Flynn
Baltimore County Public Schools, MD

“CaseNEX was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Leslie Wilkerson
High school teacher
Baltimore County Public Schools, MD

“I thought that the online format was an excellent way to work and I enjoyed setting my pace of study.”

Arietha Lockhart
Music specialist
DeKalb County Public Schools, GA

“I have only positives to tell other teachers when they ask about CaseNEX. Most teachers I talk to love the convenience of the online virtual classroom format.”

Shanee Monroe-Rice
Mentor, Stemmers Run Middle