William Blanton

Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning, University of Miami

William E. Blanton came to the University of Miami in 2000 from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, where he was professor of curriculum and instruction, and chairperson of the Department of Reading Education. Prior to joining the faculty at Appalachian, Blanton was a faculty member at Indiana University, as well as associate director of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading and Coordinator of the Office for Reading and Language Studies. He earned his Ed.D. at the University of Georgia. Blanton has written extensively in the area of reading, edited professional journals and co-authored basic reading programs. His publications cover reading tests for the secondary grades, preschool reading instruction, measuring reading performance, “power reading,” and similar topics.

Dr. Blanton provides Teaching Reading in the Content Areas issues.

Dr. Blanton discusses exceptional students.

Dr. Blanton covers differences and similarities between on-campus and off-campus courses.

Dr. Blanton examines the use of on line journals.