Daniel Duke

Professor of Education, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Dr. Duke has been a professor of educational leadership for over 25 years. Duke’s most recent publication is a book on the subject of school safety, which is one of his specialties. In 2000 he published a short booklet entitled “A Design for Alana: Creating the Next Generation of American Schools” outlining his aspirations for his granddaughter’s education. He tests a number of assumptions about education, including the idea that students must acquire all the same basic knowledge, in the same sequence and amount of time, and in the same place. Duke began his career as a history teacher and administrator. In addition to being a prolific writer on the subject of education, he has been a consultant to more than 200 school systems, government agencies and institutions of higher education, both in the U.S. and abroad. Duke also has served as president of the University Council for Educational Administration and editor of a series on contemporary educational leadership for the State University of New York Press.


Standardization vs. Customization

Accountability: A Historical Perspective

Measuring Success

Collective Accountability

Determining Success

Autonomy and Professional Collaboration

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