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This case focuses on the importance and quality of education in Cuba. The significance of teachers, the values and achievements of students, the influx of technology, and the importance of agriculture to schooling are explored. Individuals are enabled and encouraged to look beyond stereotypes and to analyze objectively the educational system of this small nation.

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Encyclopedia Britannica Online contains a wealth of knowledge about Cuban history, geography, culture, politics, and life in general. Although the site charges a subscription fee, it is possible to conduct a sample search for free and to use the site at no cost for up to 14 days.

Cuban Studies Institute at Tulane University
The Cuban Studies Institute at Tulane University in New Orleans encompasses a broad interdisciplinary group of academic, scientific, technical, professional and cultural government and non-government organizations. The Institute also sponsors many individual scholars and professionals. This network fosters academic and cultural collaboration and exchange. Tulane University in recent years has had a greater presence of faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduates students in Cuba than any other American university.

Landscape of Cuba
(This file is in pdf format, so it is easily downloaded and printed.) Office of Foreign Assets Control in the U.S. Department of the Treasury enforces the U.S. embargo of Cuba. This order prohibits U.S. citizens from trading with Cuba and restricts their travel to and from the island nation. The site explains what the U.S. government deems acceptable and unacceptable behavior toward Cuba.

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