Along For The Ride

Shauquan struggles to pay attention in class while Terrell puts on a show for everyone, including Mr. Harris.

Shaquan can’t focus on history with Terrell barking like a dog.

I sunk as low as I could in my seat without sliding off onto the floor. I was laughing so hard that tears squeezed out of my eyes and dotted my notebook paper. But, somehow, I managed not to make a sound, and with my face hidden behind the history book I’d propped on my desk, I hoped Mr. Harris wouldn’t notice.

Terrell could always make me laugh, but this was ridiculous. I could hardly breath. Just when I’d quiet down, he’d make that little dog barking sound again, and the whole thing would start all over.


Suddenly, Mr. Harris was right beside us. “Terrell, tell us why you think the Greeks told these myths.”

I let out a snort. Terrell was busted!

“Well, I think they used the myths to explain the unexplainable,” Terrell began. “I mean, lots of cultures have creation myths that help explain why we’re all here and where we came from. The Greeks did, too.”

Where did Terrell pull that from? He was on a roll, even if none of us were along for the ride.

“Class,” Mr. Harris said. “Terrell’s raised an interesting point. What do you think of his ideas?” And he headed to the front of the room to call on somebody else.

How did Terrell do that? I wondered again. Sometimes he left me in the dust.

Terrell looked at me and rolled his eyes. “Arf-arf!”